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Original rings

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Are you looking for an original and different ring?

You have just found what you were looking for,
we offer you an exclusive selection of original handmade rings that will not leave you indifferent.

Original rings for women with a lot of personality and style.

Some examples:

What do we consider as original rings?

There are the most conventional rings in terms of shape and material, for example gold rings or rings fine and smooth silver without strange shapes and even with some embedded precious stone.

They are finer jewels and more expensive in terms of material since many of them are made with noble materials that make the price more expensive.

If the conventional does not convince you and you are a person with more daring and different tastes, the original silver rings that we sell in our online jewelry, we are sure you're going to love them.

We consider original rings all those rings that stand out for their different shape and notorious texture and size..

Rings with original shapes

Original rings for women

Anuskas rings: designed and manufactured
by and for women

Discover unique shapes, surprising textures, bright colors and much more.

Our rings fit any size finger for women, as we make them open and adjustable: an elegant solution to a common problem when buying rings online.

We have rings in two basic colors: white silver and aged silver. Both types of rings are made with 100% sterling silver (925) and by hand in an artisan way.

Original handmade rings

Craftsmanship and originality

The originality in rings usually comes from the hand of craftsmanship.

Have you been to any of these big brand jewelry stores, and have you felt that the designs they offer you do not give you any feeling of originality?

Main-chain manufacturing has that kind of feeling: rings that are "one more".

The original handmade rings that we offer you at Anuskas, however, stand out.
And they do so by design, by shapes, by textures...

Aspects that spring from artisanal inspiration: from those people who live their passion intensely, letting their ideas flow every day, in front of a jeweler's bench.

Original oxidized silver rings

Silver, with a touch of originality

Black silver makes it possible to produce original, different rings.

We age silver using artisan jewelry techniques, to obtain colorful results that combine very well with any skin tone.

Thanks to our inspiration, we shape sage or medlar leaves into dark 925 silver rings.

Discover different and original rings, which stand out from the rest for their elegance and style.

Original leaf-shaped rings

Natural rings

At Anuskas we are inspired by nature to make truly original rings.

From leaves of wild plants to almond branches before blossoming: we are motivated by the natural elements that we observe every day in our environment, and with this we manufacture original rings that do not leave you indifferent.

Discover our collection of botanical rings, and wear a part of nature on your finger.

Original silver rings

Silver, shiny

Our original rings are made of 100% sterling silver.

With this noble material, we make novel designs with which to differentiate yourself from the most common jewelry.

Using traditional jewelry techniques, we managed to capture natural and botanical shapes in the rings, as well as geometric shapes and even ancient characters such as those of the Sumerian alphabet.

We hope you liked our original rings!