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Why does my silver ring turn black?

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We will explain why
and we will give you a quick solution

Reasons why a silver ring turns black

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?
You open your jewelry box or your drawer, and discover that some or all of your silver rings have a black color.

The reason: silver is a metal that oxidizes.

But don't be scared! This behavior is normal and does not mean that your silver rings are of poor quality. That they blacken means precisely that it is silver, and that it has a solution.

The reasons why your silver ring has turned black can be several:

  • Your skin PH, if it is acidic, accelerates this effect.
  • The use of colonies, perfumes or creams that come into contact with the ring.
  • The place where we keep the ring in question.
  • The amount of sulfur that exists in the environment.
  • The composition of the water in our residence.

First of all, you should know that the process by which silver turns black is called sulphidation, and that it is completely normal.

Do you want a solution so that your silver rings preserve their original shine?

How do I keep my silver ring from getting black?

To prevent your silver ring from blackening, here are some tips:

  • Store your ring in the original box. If you prevent them from mixing with each other, your rings will retain their bright tone for longer.
  • Avoid washing your hands or putting on creams or perfumes with rings on.
  • Apply a Rhodium bath to your jewelry. This metal slows down the blackening process.

If your rings are already blackened, you have a quick and easy option to fix it:

Clean silver in 5 minutes, step by step

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So far the reasons and the solution if your silver ring has get blacked.
And remember: if your silver ring turned black, there's a solution!